Reflector is a relatively particular strategy casual game. Here, you will need to use the principle of reflected light to move the chess pieces so that the light is reflected and reflected on the array eyes if you can be considered a game victory. To start the next level of the game.

Reflector’s Game Operations

In Reflector, click the chess piece with the left mouse button to move the chess piece on the chessboard, so that it can reflect light on the array eye.

Reflector’s game content

After entering Reflector and officially starting the game, click Play and select the level. It can be moved according to the stable operation to complete the task of reflecting light. When you choose the game and want to go back, you can click the back button on the screen. When you have completed a level, you can click the forward button to start the next level and start the next challenge officially.

Reflector’s Game Features

There are dozens of checkpoints in Reflector. As the inspections continue to break through, the difficulties encountered will become more and more complex, so you need to consider them seriously.

Just like its name, Reflector’s words require you to move the squares so that light can be reflected through these squares so that the sun can be reflected in a given position.  As you pass and advance, what you need to think about will increase the difficulty. You can wait and see the whole game.  Speaking of adjacent angles, you will be linked with real mathematics learning, so if you fully accept and grasp a knowledge point through entertainment, you will not lose.  Simple and easy to understand, why not?  Mahjong solitaire is a game that tests your observation. You need to find two identical Mahjong in the game screen, click on them one by one, and then let the system eliminate them.  Only when all Mahjong is eliminated can you win the game.

If you want to have some games that bring you happiness, you can come to gravity guy, a running game. You must control Gravity Guy and let him run in the right position so that he can be directly taken out of the game without being influenced by gravity, and the game fails.  Bubble shooter is a classic elimination game. It would help if you controlled the shooter to launch bubbles so that he can eliminate as many bubbles as possible and get more bubbles.